Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tag & Pocket Gift Card Tutorial

Hello High Hopes Fans!!

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It's Tutorial Tuesday and it's my (Lacey's) turn to create a tutorial. 

I love the Tags and Pockets from the last release. 
I was in need of a gift card holder and thought they would be fun to use. But the problem was that the gift card was too large for the pocket...it stuck out of the pocket and I wanted it to remain hidden until they pulled out the tag for a fun surprise. 
Therefore, I came up with a way to make it work.

Here is the final result...

~ Background Paper (mine is 5 1/4"x5 1/4" for a final 5 1/2"x5 1/2" card)
~ 3 1/2" x width of the bachground (for a fun background, I used 2 pieces of card stock to create the 3 1/2" height - but you can use a single piece if you prefer)
~ Tag Colored and cut out
~ Pocket Colored and cut out
~ Gift card to favorite store

For this tutorial, I used:

1. Use adhesive to attach your cut out pocket to the top of the 3 1/2" strip of paper... 
**Make sure it lines up with the top of the paper**

2. Using a small piece of adhesive, attach your gift card to the back of the cut out tag so that it is hidden on the top of the tag....
It's ok for the gift card to show below the tag because that part will be hidden.

3. Place your tag on the backside of the paper so that it is behind the cut out pocket.
Add adhesive to both sides of the tag so that the tag will not move from behind the pocket.

**Before adding the adhesive, make sure that when you turn it over that the tag looks like it's behind the pocket. If it shifts, then it will show that the tag is behind the paper instead of looking like it's in the pocket**

4. Attach to the background piece of paper...
See, it looks like the tag is IN the pocket, but in fact it is behind the paper.

5. Attach the background to a card base and decorate as desired...
When the birthday boy/girl pulls out the tag, they will see their gift card attached!!

As long as you use only a small piece of adhesive to attach the gift card to the tag, your birthday friend can use the tag as a book mark!

I hope you like my tutorial!! 
Happy stamping!


Mariska said...

Love this idea Lacey, thank you for sharing!!


Renae said...

Great job. I will have to try this idea.

Waseem said...

Great idea...i will have to try this idea for Gift Card envelopes as i don't like to give gift card alone.