Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Birch Trees

Howdy - MichelleO here today - are you like me? Sympathy Cards are probably the toughest to make for many of us. But needed at times. I like to keep my Sympathy cards a bit more simple and focus on the image. The new High Hopes Stamps "Birch Trees" have so many uses. Fall... Halloween... Winter... and they worked well for this needed Sympathy card.

This is a large stamp - and fills my card nicely. I stamped out the image and colored with my Copics. Then found a piece of kraft card stock for the base and a piece of Prima pattern papers to use with it. I free hand cut the scroll side of the image and sewed it down with a zig zag stitch onto the pattern paper, then sewed around the entire piece with a straight stitch, then attached to the base. For my sentiment I used Whimsy Stamps dies Heartfelt Sympathy in a dark purple.  Really tough for me to do these simple non embellished cards, but important with this one.

I love this background stamp and as a stamp all on its own. To see all the new stamps at High Hopes Stamps click HERE lots of beautiful stamps and fun stamps!

Thanks so much -


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