Saturday, March 9, 2019

Thought You Could Use A Little Pick Up

Hello High Hopes friends! Wow, am I super excited to share this card?! I worked so hard on it, and I think it turned out great! I combined the Old Pick Up Truck and Forest Background stamp by High Hopes Rubber Stamps to create a "no white space" card that will hopefully cheer up someone who may be feeling a little blue.

I first stamped the Old Pick Up Truck stamp. I stamped it in a very light color of ink because I wanted this to be a "no-line" coloring image. I colored it in with my Prismacolor Colored pencils, so I used a good textured paper to really build up the layers.

After I stamped the truck, I stamped it again, but this time on masking paper. Masking paper is basically sticker paper; it has a backing that you peel off. I cut out this second image of the truck to essentially create a sticker to place right on top of the truck on my project. Then, I could stamp the Forest Background right over top, and the final result would look like the truck was in front of the background - like this design was all one stamp! This masking technique can be used with almost any stamp to custom design your own scene! Now, onto the coloring!

I split up the coloring of this project over several days - working in little bits at a time. But I LOVE coloring, so I had fun doing it! I use coloring as a time to unwind and relax. My usual ritual is to put on a show (usually something on Netflix), and get lost in the colors! I once got so caught up in coloring that I realized I'd stayed up 'til 11pm (which is super late for someone who gets sleepy around 8!😋😋😋)

After I completed the coloring, I added some white dots with a white gel pen. I think they look like little tiny flowers, or fairies, or just something magical hidden in the grass. And as for the sentiment, I actually just printed it off my computer on some white card stock. I just thought it was so cute and fit this card so well that I just had to use it!

Well, I hope that my project today has inspired you to do some coloring. There are so many stamps at High Hopes Rubber Stamps to create a scene card of your own. The possibilities are probably endless! I hope you have a good weekend, and don't forget to check us out on Instagram and Facebook!

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Dora said...

Great colourwork.