Monday, July 13, 2009

Important High Hopes News!!

We would like to thank you for your support over the last four years as we started with a dream and an idea, and were blessed to watch it grow. We have made so many cherished friendships along the way, and cannot state enough how much we appreciate those of you who have shared ideas, and your beautiful artwork with us.

As of August first 2009 High Hopes Rubber Stamps will change from accepting both wholesale and retail orders to accepting wholesale orders only. We will of course continue to process all existing retail orders until they are complete, and in your hands.We hope that this change will not discourage you from keeping in touch, and continuing to share your ideas and art with us. We will continue to have a project of the month that we hope our awesome family of retailers will be making available to you. We will of course continue on with our super talented Design team, having calls for "Guest Divas" every three months, and highly anticipate great new images by Crissy every three months as well. The design team blog will continue to inspire you, keep you posted with updates, challenges, and blog candy. We feel so blessed to have one of the most talented group of ladies designing for us, and look forward to meeting new designers as we have the guest spots filled.

The decision to go wholesale only was a very hard one to come to, as we loved having personal contact with so many talented, encouraging, funny, and lovely people! After much soul searching, however, we feel that this is the best route for us at this time. We had grown so much over the past two years that we had been working 14-16 hour days to process orders, and just when we thought we were getting caught up, we would be blessed to have a card or project featured in a magazine with one of Crissy's beautiful images...which of course would create a new influx of orders! The blessings we were feeling, were giving us growing pains, and sadly were not allowing us to give each of our customers/friends the top notch personal customer service that they deserve. It truly weighs so heavy on our hearts if just one customer is left unhappy or feeling un-appreciated.

With this new change, we hope to accomplish several things:

1) We will continue to keep the whole line of stamps listed at our website, as well as listing new releases
2) We will update our list of retailers so you can easily find us, as well as list companies that will mail order and ship internationally... This is the main benefit to our existing friends as when you order from one of these retailers, they will have the stock in store, and can ship immediately. You will not have a waiting period as you have currently while we custom make each order.
3) Wholesale orders are much easier for us to fill, so hopefully this will free up some of our time so that we can work on an updated catalog (YEAH!!). Once completed we will have a free downloadable pdf. catalog available, and hope to have a high quality catalog available to order.
4) We also hope that with this change we will be freed up to complete a stockpile of stamps so we can go to shows and get to meet our friends face to face! It's our hope that we can talk Crissy, and some of our divas to come to shows with us, so that they can meet you as well.

We have no delusions as to the source of any success we have been given, besides giving glory to God (whom we have looked to daily for strength and wisdom), we know it is the blessing of the awesome design team that has shared their talent with you, and inspired you to take a chance on us. We cannot state enough how much we appreciate all their hard work... as they are the real "Stars" of our show!

Likewise, we sincerely thank you for your friendship over the years. We cherish the sweet encouraging emails, the ideas that you have given us, and all the beautiful art that has been shared with us. We hope that this transition will be an easy one for us all, and we hope that you will stay in touch with us, as getting to know you has been the best part of this business!

Tina, Bethany, and the High Hopes Family


Janine said...

I am sad to read this but understand your problem. Please, please make sure you have some decent outlets in the UK or someone that will supply the UK without horrendous postage charges. Thank you. I think I had better order a few new stamps now that I have seen all the samples. All the best for the future. Janine

Shazza said...

wishing you lots of luck even though i loved being able to order straight from you. Will there still be a POTM deal then?

Kari said...

I understand your problem. Please make sure you have some decent outlets in Norway. Thank you!

Hopefully an updated free downloadable catalog are comming soon.

Kay said...

Although I understand your decision, it does sadden me.
Where can I find a list of US retailers?

Danielle said...

I can understand that the orders take a lot of your time. And I hope that this decision gives you the time to do the things you want to do.

Please can you make sure that all the stamps are available in The Netherlands?

Heide said...

I am so sad to hear this! I just love your stamps and I hope all your stamps are going to be easily found with you distributors. Are you going to anounce who will be carring yur stamps?

Michelle said...

While I understand the challenges you face I am terribly saddened to see that you won't be selling on line anymore.. I have "High Hopes" that I will be able to find your stamps somewhere.. I wish you many blessings as you continue to grow your business..


Sheila said...

Whilst I can fully appreciate your reasons, I'm sad you felt you had to come to this decision. You are one of the very few companies I have come across that gave such wonderful, terrific and personal customer service. Thank you for that.

I hope your sucess continues into the future and wish you all much luck for the times ahead.

Sheila x

Jenny said...

Ditto to all the above comments! It makes me sad to see you have to do this! Loved going to your website and seeing/ordering! Hope this new adventure is a success and that you'll have more time for yourselves!

crazymomma said...

Well I'm so glad that you are as successful as you are.I would like to say thank you for concerning yourself to make sure that your customers are important and taken care to receive better service.I will still continue to buy your stamps.Please do post on your blog or site the retail stores that are available.And if you wish ,I'll still send little emails to make your day!lol.Keep up the good work.

Chrystal said...

I am heart broken, but truly understand. The images are perfect, and just one look at your site instantly adds up to a $100+ order.

Best of luck.

Linda Palmer said...

I know it was a tough decision. What do people like me do...very limited stamp stores in our area so I have to order online. Will you list online stores that will carry your stamps? I love Crissy's designs.

Karen Wilson said...

I agree with all the above. I am sad though because I've just been introduced to High Hopes Stamps and I fell in love with them. I made my first order already and waiting patiently for them to arrive. I just love all the stamps. I am, however, so happy that you've become so successful and have come a long way. Please keep up the good work and I look fwd to seeing that retailers list posted so I can continue to grow my stamp collection.

All the very best in the future;

Sharon in NE said...

Good for you! It's always a thrill to see how God is always able to do so much more beyond all that we ask or imagine.

Chris (catt871) said...

Oh dear!! I am so sad, but happy for you that you are continuing with the venture! When I first started reading I thought you were closing down altogether!!!! I almost cried!!! Good luck with the wholesale side of it.....I'm off to place an order!!!! THANKS for everything, you are all amazing!!!!

Ayelle's Creaties said...

It's really sad you can't shop directly as a costumer anylonger...

But i have to say that email contact with you as a costumer is pretty hard (to get a reply). I'm still waiting for my rubber stamps (over a month now)...

All the best.
from the Netherlands

Janet said...

I wish you the best of luck!! Your stamps are ones I truly love!!Please let us know where we can get your stamps - online or not on line!!

Mary said...

Like everyone else I a very sad that you will not be selling on-line. Your on-line site had been the only place I had found that I could find your images. I found you thru Katherina's blog from whiff of joy...even though I am in California!:) I hope that you will be able to add new outlets that will carry your product...which are just too cute for words!
I think I also better place another order! Which maybe isn't what you want to hear right now!LOL, but I want to make sure I can get some of the images for Christmas!
I know that you Trust in the Lord to guide you and with Him as your Guide you will do well, therer maybe bumps along the way,but as long as you have Faith it will be alright!
God Bless you and your Family,

Lisa T said...

When and where will there be a list of places to purchase from? I know they won't be available until August 1st, but a list now would be nice.

Lorraine said...

Good luck in your new direction! I am sorry that I won't be able to buy direct, though. Your stamps will continue to be a favorite, I'm sure.

Rarinstamp said...

I agree with all the comments above. I totally understand. I understand that you will be posting a list of retailers that will carry your stamps (I'm in Canada) but my concern is will they be able to carry them ALL? Or are they going to pick and choose. I loved shopping from your site because I had a large selection, both older designs and the new ones.
Good luck in the future and I am very happy for you. I look forward to the PDF catalogue as well.

~*Joni said...

I wish you the best of everything ladies! I know you will fare well with this decision, as I would search the globe high and low to find these stamps. I think this is a wonderful way to continue your business and yet still have time for yourselves and your family. That is truly what God blessed us all with first and foremost. :D
Thank you for your hard work, I know that you all have High Hopes, and that it will all work out well!!!