Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Paper-Piecing Tutorial

During our blog hop, we mentioned that we will have a Special post in between the bi-weekly challenges. During these special posts, we will host special tutorials!!!
Our "Anything Goes" 100th Challenge is still open until Monday.

Now onto our tutorial...
Our very first Tuesday Tutorial is on “Paper Piecing”. Many of the High Hopes images are perfect for this fun technique. Paper Piecing isn’t hard but it will add a great touch to any of your stamping projects.

For paper piecing you want to use an image that has good open space that you can “piece” the paper into. I love BFF Girls because their clothing is perfect for this technique.

You’ll need:

Stamps (I used BFF Girls & Special Treat by High Hopes)

White Cardstock

Patterned Cardstock

Markers/pencils/or other coloring medium

Die Ink

Small scissors

Additional cardstock & supplies for finishing your card

Step 1:

Stamp the image on a white panel.

Step 2:

Stamp the image again on different patterned paper. In order to conserve my patterned paper I only ink up and stamp the area I will need to cut out

Step 3:

Cut out the pieces that you are going to use and set them aside

Step 4:

Color the parts of the image that will not be covered with paper. It’s best to do this step before doing the paper piecing so that there is less chance of accidentally marking on the patterned paper.

Step 5:

Glue the paper pieces on to your image.

I used my markers to add a little more color to the heart and the trim of the shirt on the girl on the left and the stripes on the shirt on the girl on the right.

Finally…make your card. It looks great when you use some of the same patterned paper on your card that you pieced on to your image!


Scrapcat 1 said...

a lovely clear detailed tutorial thank you

Andrea said...

WOW!!! what a fabulous tutorial! So well laid out and easy to follow. Thanks for sharing!

tania said...

Looks great and your tutorial makes it seem so easy. Thanks!

Vicki said...

very cool! Will have to give this a go :)

tyrymom29 said...

Fabulous Tutorial ...love it !! Thanks