Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Shinky Dink Tutorial by Alex.

Hello High Hopes fans!

It is Tutorial Tuesday Time!!

This week Alex. has created a fun tutorial using stamping on Shrinky-Dinks to create a fun keychain.

Shrink Plastic Key Chain Tutorial
Shrink Plastic
Sanding Block/paper
Waterproof stamping ink
Waterproof coloring medium
Heat gun
Hole punch
Rubber Stamp

1. Lightly sand the shrink plastic

2. Stamp the image onto the sanded portion of the plastic. For this tutorial, Alex. used Mushroom Two

3. Color the image

4. Cut around the colored image leaving room for a "handle" to attach to the keyring. Then punch a hole.

5. Using the heat tool, heat the image until it shrinks. You will want to use a long tool to hold the image still. The heat tool is very hot and will try to blog the image away if not held in place.

6. Continue to heat until the image is completely shrunk. It will start to harden.

7. When the image is completely shrunk, place a hard flat item on the image while it's still hot to help flatten the image.

8. Continue to heat for a few more seconds to set the image flat.

9. You can cover the image with clear art get for a shiny finish.

10. Once the gel is try, enjoy your new keychain!
Now it's your turn to try!!

Happy stamping!!

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