Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Pennant Banner Tutorial by Lacey

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It's Tutorial Tuesday Time!!

It's Lacey here and I have a tutorial on how to create a Pennant Banner...

There are die cuts available that you can purchase, or files to use with machines like the Silhouette, however this tutorial is how to create a banner with only a cutting tool.

This is an "Easter" Banner so it will have 6 flags for the letters and 2 flags on the outside with stamped images for a total of 8 flags.

~ 4 pieces of 8 1/2"x11" card stock
~ 8 pieces of 6"x6" patterned paper
~ Border Punch
~ Die cut letters
~ 8 Die cut or large punched circles
~ 2 Colored and cut out images. I used Curious Bunny and Bunny with Gift
~ 4 yards of Ribbon
~ Glue or adhesive
~ Scrap piece of 5 3/4" x 5 3/4" square card stock to use as a template for the patterned paper (not shown)
~ Hole punch (not shown)

1. Take the card stock and on the 11", mark the card stock at 6 1/4".

2. Flip it over and mark the other side of the card stock at 6 1/4" as well
(as shown in picture above).

3. Line up the marks and cut the card stock at the angle.

4. You will be left with two uneven pieces. This will allow two 6 1/2"x6 1/2" flags from 1 piece of card stock.

5. With the border punch, punch the top of each piece of card stock (along the 6 1/2" side).

6. Punch all pieces of card stock.

7. We want the punched border to stand out at the top of the flag, therefore place the decorative border just ABOVE the top of the ruler, then mark at 6 1/4" along the straight side of the card stock (as shown in picture above).

8. Now cut across the card stocks at the 6 1/4" mark.
This will ensure your flag is 6 1/4' wide as well as 6 1/2" long
(not including the decorative punched border).

9. Turning the flag upside-down, mark at 3" from the straight side of the card stock.
This will be the point of the bottom of the flag.

10. Now line up the 3" center mark with the corner (making sure to line it up just below the decorative edge so that you don't cut into the punched design).

11. Turn it and cut the other side as well.

12. Repeat with all 8 pieces to have 8 flags as shown above.

13. Take your 5 3/4" x 5 3/4" scrap paper and mark in the center of one side (at 2 7/8")

14. Line up the center mark and one of the corners and cut.

15. Turn it over and cut the other side as well.

16. This will give you a perfect size template to use for the patterned paper.

17. Turn a piece of Patterned Paper over and trace the template onto the back side.

18. Cut along the trace lines. Repeat for all pieces of patterned paper.

19. Glue the patterned paper to the background flag. Repeat with all flags.

20. Glue the circles to each flag. Then glue the letters on the center flags.
**Make sure to set up your paper in the pattern you desire before adding the letters to ensure you glue to letters in the order of the pattern you choose**
In this design, I only used 2 different patterns, but you can use how many different papers that you want (or keep them all one design).

21. Add your colored images to the remaining flags.
I attached mine with dimensionals for added interest.

22. Using the hole punch, punch holes in both top corners of all of the flags for the ribbon.

23. Thread the ribbon. Begin with one end and thread it through each piece.
**You will skip the outside holes**
**Do not thread the ribbon through the left hole in the first flag and the right hole in the last flag. You will different ribbons on each end**

24. I usually thread the ribbon so that the ribbon shows on the front of the flag IN BETWEEN the flags...
...and on the back of each flag (as shown in picture above)

25. Feed the ribbon so that it ends in the middle of the first and last flag.
**You will probably have to re-adjust the ribbon so that un-used ribbon is all on one side so that you don't waste it**
After the ribbon is adjusted, I add a piece of adhesive behind each flag to hold the ribbon so it doesn't slide when it is hung.
**Please note in the picture above that the left hole is left without the ribbon - this is an end flag.

26. If you were careful to conserve your ribbon, you should have plenty of ribbon left over. Cut two pieces - at least 2 feet each (3 feet if it's available). Feed each piece into the ends as shown in the picture above. This will give you 2 pieces of ribbon to tie together when you hang it.

27. Hang your banner and enjoy!

Over the past few months, I have been creating a banner for each Holiday using High Hopes Stamps. I love that there are so many coordinating stamps for each Holiday!

You can see detailed pictures of the Halloween Banner here.
This banner has the pom pom ribbon sewed onto the flags instead of thread through.

See detailed photos of the Thankgiving Banner Here.
This banner has the ribbon thread in front of the flags instead of hiding in the back.
I also used eyelets, but didn't have good eyelets and struggled with them so I won't use them again unless I can find larger ones.

You can see detailed photos of the Christmas Banner here.
This banner also has the pom pom ribbon sewed onto the flags.

If you create a banner, we would love to see it!!

Happy stamping!


Tanya S said...

Fabulous job Lacey !

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They all look brill, just making one for my daughters room