Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Glue-less Gift Bag Tutorial

Hello High Hopes fans!! 

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It's Tutorial Tuesday and Alie has created a fun tutorial for us...

Glue-less Gift Bag

- using only 1 scrapbook paper and some ribbon -

1 - 12"x12" Scrapbook Paper
Scrap assorted Ribbon
1" Circle Punch
Stamped image for tag (Alie used Simon on her sample)

1. Turn your paper. 
#tip: choose a random pattern, so it won't hurt when the images are turning

2. Fold your paper in half

3+4. Measure 14,3 cm from both corners and fold them inside

5. Unfold your whole paper.

6. Make a folding line 2cm above and under the inner line 

7. Now fold the corners in like this.

8. Fold a zigzag, using the folding lines you've made at point 6

9. Punch a hole at the top

10. This is the side view from the bag, where you can see the foldings the correct way

11. Use ribbon to tie things up: this is the no-glue part ;)

12. Decorate the bag as you like and you are ready to put in some yummie crafty things to give-away! 

#13: Special step: I will be giving away this bag (and its contents, seen and hidden stuff) to one of the participants on the High Hopes challenge blog, the current challenge is still running for one week! 

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Carol Dee said...

Ooooo I will keep my fingers crossed. A very nice extra treat. :) You are the best here at High hopes! :)