Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Paper-Piecing Tutorial by Aaemie

Hello High Hopes Fans!!

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It is Tutorial Tuesday Time!
The fabulous Aaemie has created a Paper-Piecing Tutorial. 

I'll hand it off to her...

Hello fellow High Hopes fans! I have a fun paper piecing tutorial for you this week. This is one of those super easy techniques that can add a big impact to all of your projects. 

1. First ink up your image and stamp it on to your blending cardstock. 

2. Then colour your image with which ever medium you choose.
I used my copic markers, then prisma pencils and gamsol to add depth and the end. 

3. You'll need to ink up your image again and stamp the areas that you want to paper piece on to your design paper. I like to stamp a few times in case I have any mess ups. 

4. This step is not necessary but i like to add a bit of depth to the parts i want to paper piece, just by using a copic and colourless blender. I used a blue copic similar in colour to the design paper. 

5. Again here, I just used a neutral grey and colourless blender to add depth. 

6. Now your ready to cut out the selected pieces with a craft knife or scissors.
When finished, turn over the pieces and apply glue. 

7. Finally attach your paper pieces to the matching spots on your image, the pockets on the overalls were added as a second paper piecing layer.

Now you have a fun and great looking image and is ready to be incorporated into any of your projects. 
Hope you all enjoyed!

(Aaemie used Froggy Gift on her tutorial.)


Dorothy S said...

Thank you for the tutorial and the tips. I used a pen to ink the cut edge, in case there were any unwanted white edges (my cutting is occasionally off the mark!)

Stephanie said...

Do not see mr. linky. will try later. For now here is my card.

Gail said...

Nice tutorial, Aaemie. Thanks much for sharing your knowledge and experience. --Gail