Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Gate Fold Card Tutorial by Michelle

Hello High Hopes Fans!

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It's Tutorial Tuesday Time!!

Michelle has created this fun tutorial...
GateFold Card - Showing off a Scene

Howdy Fellow High Hope Fans -

Today I have been asked to do a tutorial for a Gate Fold Card - Now my Gate Fold Card is a bit of a show off - Do you have background stamps that you want to use more, this is a great way to use them and your favorite images in one card.

An easy card - with a little different view to it.

First you color your images so you know how to size your gate fold. One background to place on the inside base. Then two smaller images to fit onto your “folds”.

Then on to the card! You need to create the base -

Cut pieces -
(1)  6x6
(2)  3x6 or (1) 6x12

Line the pieces so that they create an upside down T-shape. Use your bone folder and create folds Vertically at the edge or basically 3 inches left and right. Attach on one side then fold over the base.

You can actually make the size of the “top” folds as high as you would like. To show off the size of your background stamp that will be used on the base. Or you can make it full size and not show off your base.

Next we create the finished base.

Cut a card stock mat 1/4 inch smaller than the base - for me - 5.75 x 5.75 inches

Then your pattern paper - 5.5 x 5.x5 inches.

And then your “art” background stamp. Make sure when you stamp this image and color it that you stamp at the top of the paper and have enough space to cut this as a whole piece. The white lower part will be behind your folds and where your message will be.

I sewed my together then used adhesive to attach to the inside base.

Now the folds

Pretty much smaller versions of what you just did - for my folds the mats measure -

Card stock mat - 2.75 x 2.75 inches

Pattern Paper - 2.5 x 2.5 inches.

Attach to the fronts of the folds.

Then loosely cut out your two images. The image on the right side needs to be placed first. I use pop foam to raise it just a bit. Now I hope this makes sense. You only want the foam to be on 2/3rds of the image -  the right outside edge of the image.

This leaves an empty left side to tuck the image on the left fold. Helps keep the card closed and joins the two images when flat.

When you attach the image on the left. It is placed directly on the pattern paper. Let it hang over towards the right fold enough to be able to “tuck” it behind your popped up image. Sound ok? It is harder to explain than do believe me.

Done -

Here is my cards again - Showing different fold images.

I added Sentiment stamps and if you are really observant you will see that I colored down further on my background stamp to meet the top of my folds. Just looks better to me to not have any empty white showing and look more like a complete scene.

It is really pretty easy - and sometimes fun to do something just a bit different! And I love that it gives a chance to use more images in one card!

Hope you enjoy my version of a Gate-Fold card!

~ Michelle


Marie said...

Such fabby looking cards. They are wonderful. Have to try this out some time. Thanks for the inspiration.
Love n hugs

Kimberly S said...

Love the little scenes, so cute! Thanks for the tutorial as well. :) hugs, Kimberly

Cazzy said...

I really like your version of a gate fold card, really with gates too!

Lovely cow and the scene is great!