Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Slider Image Tutorial

Hello High Hopes Fans!

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It's Tutorial Tuesday Time!!

Lacey has a tutorial on how to create a Slider Image Card...

Supplies you will need:

~ Card background
~ Stamped image colored and cut out or matted (I used Skiing Santa)
(you will want an image or matted image that is at least 3" wide to allow for adequate sliding)
~ Horizontal Oval Punch
~ 1" Circle Punch
~ Foam Tape
~ Sentiment stamped onto strip of cardstock
~ String or Thin Ribbon (not shown in picture)
~ Adhesive

1. Place your image on the card background. 
Using a pencil, make a light mark at the front and back of your image.

2. Using the horizontal punch, punch within the pencil marks.
This will allow your image to slide back and forth.
For larger sentiments, you will need to have a larger sliding space.

3. If you need to increase the slide space, 
use your punch making sure to line up with the previous punch.

4. You should now have a sliding space as large at the width of your sentiment, 
but not larger than the width of the stamped image.

5. Line up your sentiment so that it is straight.
I used the grid on my stamping mat to line it up.

6. Place the card background over the sentiment cardstock.

7. Mark the right side of the slider space onto the sentiment to mark where the farthest left side is.

8. Pull out the sentiment so that the whole sentiment shows, 
making sure that the mark you made is still visible in the slider space.
Now you have enough room for the image to be mounted on the sentiment card stock while still allowing the sentiment to show.

9. Once the sentiment is pulled out, make a mark on the left side.
This will show you where to attach the image to the sentiment strip.

10. Attach a foam tape inside the space.

11. Line up the sentiment card stock to the background and turn over. 
Using adhesive, tape off the top and bottom of the sentiment card stock.
This will ensure that the sentiment strip won't move around and get out of alignment.

12. Using the 1" Circle punch, create a small cut out on the background.
I turned the background over so that I could make sure that the cut out is in the center of the space where the sentiment will go.

13. Add adhesive to the rest of the background.
Do not put adhesive where the sentiment strip will go.

14. If your sentiment strip is not the full width of the background,
add a piece of adhesive so that the sentiment strip does not slip too far behind the background.

15. Once you are ready to attach the background to your card,
add the sentiment strip in the right spot then hold it in place making sure that it doesn't touch any of the adhesive.

16. While holding the sentiment strip in place, carefully add the background to your card base.

17. Pull out the sentiment and add a small hole to add your ribbon or string.

18. Add some ribbon or string to help pull out the image.

19. Add the image to the foam tape...and you're all done!

Pull the string to see the sentiment.

Here is another slider image card I created using the image Golf Cart...

Let me know what you think!
Happy Stamping!


Dora said...

beautiful tutorial! thank you for your explanation and photo's.
beautiful cards are made.

Carol Dee said...

Oh My, that is a great tutorial. Going to be challengeing for me. LOL