Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Felt Pocket Tutorial by Alie

Hello High Hopes Fans!!

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It's Tuesday Tutorial Time!!

This month, Alie has created a fun
Felt Pocket Tutorial

1. This is what you'll need:
* High Hopes stamp "Hoppy Flower Pocket"
* different colours of felt
* some dmc thread
* little magnets
* ink
* other: needle, scissors, glue
2. Stamp the image on to the different colours of felt. Leave one piece of felt seperately to use in step 3.

3a. + 3b. Stamp the image sidewise on the felt and use a template (stamped image on a piece of paper) to draw the outside lines like shown in the photo.

4. Cut all pieces you'll need from the stamped felt (just like the photo)

5. Sew the front and backside of the pocket together. Only sew the sides and the bottom, so that there will be a real pocket.
6. Glue all parts on to the front.
7. Place the little magnets. You might need to use a bit of extra glue here...
8. Glue the felt (cut out) button on the front
9. Finished! You can use it to give money in stead of a present...

So what do you think?!

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