Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Easy Treat Topper Tutorial

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We are back this week with a Tutorial Tuesday!
This week it's my (Lacey's) turn to create a tutorial. I have a head cold, so I'm hoping my tutorial makes sense with my stuffed up head!! LOL

With Valentine's Day around the corner, I thought it would be nice to show a quick and easy Valentine's Day treat idea. I also have some links to other tutorials that would work great for Valentine's Day at the end of this post.

So here is my Easy Treat Topper Tutorial (say that 5 times fast)...

~ Colored image (I cut mine out since it was taller than the circles I wanted to use)
~ Die cut shape for the base of the topper - the width of the treat bags (I had to re-cut my piece since I cut it the wrong way - oops)
~ Treat Bags (you can use any type - I have 3 different ones shown in the photo above - you can even reuse bags that stamps come in, just make sure to use individually wrapped candy since the bag isn't new)
~ Die-Cut Shapes to mount behind the image
~ Glue or adhesive

1. Attach the die-cut pieces together
2. Score the base piece in half (I ended up using a different piece later in the tutorial when I realized this one was too small)...
3. Attach the circle to the base piece. You will attach half of the top piece to the center fold of the base piece...
See how the right half of the circle is attached to the base at the fold?

4. Attach the image to the top piece...
You can see the the new piece I used in the top right corner above. The base piece (the one with the hearts in my photo) needs to be as wide as the treat bag.

5. Add adhesive to the front and back of the filled treat bag and attach to the inside of the topper - aligning it with the scored center...

And here you go!

You can also have your kids color the images!!
Here are some other Treat ideas that would be great for Valentine's Day gifts...

Now it's your turn!! Get stamping!!