Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tutorial - Mini Treat Bag by Lacey

Hello High Hopes Fans!!
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It's Tutorial Tuesday Time!!
This week it's my (Lacey's) turn to share a fun tutorial.

Over the past few releases, I have shown a few of these mini treat bags on my blog. They are so versatile and great for many occasions just by changing up the stamp. I've used them for Halloween Treats for special friends, Party Favors, and Valentine's treats for Teachers.

The overall measurements of the base is 4" High x 4" Wide x 1.75" Deep
so they can old a LOT of chocolates and candy!!

Supplies you will need...
~ 1 piece of 5.5" x 12" cardstock for the base
~ 2 pieces 1.5" x 3.75" stamped card stock or patterned paper (to decorate the sides)
~ 2 pieces 3.75" x 3.75" stamped card stock or patterned paper (to decorate the front and back)
~ Scrap patterned paper (optional) to decorate the front
~ 1 piece 1" x 10" card stock for the handle
~ 1 piece 10" ribbon (optional) for the handle
~ 2 brads (optional - you can just use adhesive, but I like to reinforce the handles)
~ 1 stamped and colored image (I used Robot with Balloon)

1. Stamp your cardstock that you will use to decorate all sides of the treat bag.
You can substitute with patterned or designer paper.
I chose to stamp the pieces using Gears Border...

2. Score your 5.5" x 12" card stock at:
1.75", 5.75", 7.5" and 11.5" along the long 12" side of your card stock.
Turn it to the side and score at 1.75".
Then cut the lines below the last score line.
It should look like this...

For those of you who prefer templates instead, this may help...

3. Attach your decorative pieces to each section of the bag...

4. On one of the 4" sections, you can add your optional patterned paper and stamped image.
You can add more embellishments later,
but it's easier to attach the paper and image before the bag is assembled.

5. Attach Scor Tape or other STRONG adhesive (you must use strong adhesive for 3-D projects) as seen in the picture below...
On the section that you have decorated with your stamped image, you will actually add the tape to the underside. Whereas the rest of the sections will have the tape on the top.
(See the picture above to see how the tape is on the underside).

6. Attach the .5" flap on the side to the opposite side to close the bag together...

7. Now tape up the bottom of the bag by folding the small sides in first,
then the larger two as shown...
You will close the first 4" flap with the tape facing out.
Then you will close the second 4" flap with the tape facing down.
This should give you a strong base.

8. Add your ribbon to your handle (optional)...

9. Punch a whole in the sides of the handle to make it easy to insert the brads...

10. Now punch another whole on the sides of the bag for the brads to go through...

11. Attached your handle using the brads.
I also like to add some adhesive to make it a little stronger.

The finished bag...

Here is a different version I created for Halloween using Sitting Witchy Poo with Pumpkin and Standing Witchy Poo.
For these bags, I used some ribbon for the handle.
I used a large Eyelet and tied a knot in the ribbon after I threat it through the eyelet.

I hope you liked my tutorial!!
They are so easy to make and the prefect size for party favors!!

We'll be back next week with a new challenge.
In the mean time, some of the Design Divas continue to make High Hopes projects each week.
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Fairy Cardmaker, Lisa said...

Very easy tutorial! Thanks for sharing. I like that you showed an additional box to show the versatility of this shape too.