Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tutorial Tuesday- how to mount and store your High Hopes stamps

Hello High Hopes fans!!

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It's Tutorial Tuesday Time!!

The super sweet Andrea has created 2 Video Tutorials for you this week explaining how she mounts her bare-rubber stamps onto cling foam and how she stores her High Hopes stamps.

We hope these videos will help you and give you ideas on how to mount and store your High Hopes stamps!!...

Hi, Andrea here! I made some quick videos showing how I mount my plain red rubber stamps on ezmount and also how I store all the 'oodles and boodles' of unmounted stamps that I own. Sorry for the skinny video view- still learning how to use the new camera hee hee!

Thanks for watching!!

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a Seeker of the TRUTH said...

Thanks for sharing the tutorials on how to cut the stamps with precison and how you store your stamps.

Thanks for taking the time to share these tutorials.

Happy stamping