Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Ribbon Flower Tutorial

Hello High Hopes Friends!

It's Tutorial Tuesday Time!!

The fabulous Alie has created a great Ribbon Flower Tutorial.
Here's Alie...

Hello again!
Did you all enjoy the blog hop together with the Ribbon Caroussel??
We sure did! It was great to work with some of their ribbons!!
Today it's tutorial time at the High Hopes Stamps blog, so that means the current challenge "ribbons" will be open till next Tuesday. So there is still plenty time to play along!!

In the mean while I'd like to show you a simple flower to make with ribbon..

Step 1:
Put all the things you'll need for this flower on your workspace:
* a thread, I used DMC
* needle
* two little cards (size doesn't really matter, for you can make it anywhere on the cardstock!)

Step 2:
On this photo I will show you how to put the thread through the paper.

Step 3:
Punch trough every black dot.
You can layer your cards with the original on top.
Punch through the original, so the holes are in the card wich you want to work with.

Step 4:
Start on the backside of your card and work your thread through the card like pointed out on the original.
1 to 2
3 to 4 while staying under the first line
5 to 6 while staying under the second line

Step 5:
Now you should have the base of the ribbon flower.

Step 6:
Glue the beginning of the ribbon (I used small ribbon)

Step 7:
Now go round with your ribbon, first under the thread, than over the thread, under, over...
You'll know the drill. Go round untill there is now room left for any ribbon ;)
Just glue the end of the ribbon again.

Step 8:
This is how your ribbon flower should look like:

Now you can add some flower details and use it on a card:

Now it's easy to join us with the "ribbon" challenge this week!!
Just add some ribbon flowers on your project ;)

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