Saturday, May 4, 2019

Kitty by the Birdhouse!

Hello friends! It's Lindsay again. I'm back to share another card featuring the adorable Kitty by Birdhouses stamp by High Hopes Rubber Stamps. As soon as I saw this stamp it totally reminded me of my kitty, so you better believe I colored it in to look just like my kitty Tenaya!

I used Prismacolor Colored Pencils to color this image. Here are the colors I used:

Kitty: cadmium orange hue, yellowed orange, & sunburst yellow; Nose: peach
Left birdhouse: cobalt turquoise, aquamarine, & light aqua; Roof: jasmine & sand; Accents: peach
Right birdhouse: crimson red, scarlet lake, & poppy red; Roof: sienna brown & burnt ochre Accents: peach
Fence and 4 Rent sign: sienna brown & burnt ochre
Flowers - Pink: peach & deco pink; Blue: true blue &electric blue; Red: crimson red & poppy red
Stems and leaves: dark green, kelly green, sap green light, & pale sage
Soil: chocolate, sienna brown, & burnt ochre
Flower pot: jasmine & sand
Base: dark green, kelly green & sap green light
Lady bug: scarlet lake

To create the birdhouse card base, I used a rectangle die and a technique called partial die cutting. Basically, I lined up the die on my folded card base just how I wanted the top to be cut (with that scalloped point at the top).

But since I only wanted the topmost point cut and not everything else, when I put the piece into my die cutting machine, I only laid the top cutting plate over the die where I wanted it cut.

Then, because there wasn't a top cutting plate on the rest of the card, that part isn't cut by the machine. Cool, huh?!

I love using my dies in creative ways to get different results and get the most out of my supplies that I can. To complete the card, I just added some polka dot paper, a bow, and stamped the sentiment.  I think it turned out just lovely!

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